So many people have lost hope in my dear own country-NIGERIA. But as an optimist to the core, I have hope – no matter how little. From time to time, I will be sharing experiences of people or my personal experience in my country with the mind of letting you see that no matter how palpable hostility is, there is some bit of good and good people exist. It only depends on your perspective. Enjoy and share.  

  Mrs Akeem (not real names) had it in mind to prepare a sumptuous meal for her family on a fateful day. So, she stepped into one of the major markets in the ever-bustling city of Lagos to buy soup ingredients and some sizeable pieces of fish. As she entered the market, she moved from stall to stall to pick up items of interest.

Eventually she stood in front of a woman selling fishes. After selecting the ones she liked, they started to bargain the price. Eventually, Mrs Akeem innocently mentioned a ridiculously low  price and the market woman told her to pay. She counted some money and handed it over to the woman expecting her to cut the fishes into bits and pack them up. Instead, she eyed and sarcastically told her to carry the fishes.
“Come and carry it, they will be pricing goods as if we stole it” the market woman said while holding on to the money.

Mrs Akeem was stunned beyond measure ‘at least, if this woman does not agree, she should have told me and I would leave her presence for another person. After all, it is not by force’ she thought. After standing for some minutes and the market woman refused to either give her the fishes or her money, she walked away. Mrs Akeem at loss on what to do; not wanting to create a scene by fighting with a market woman kept moving away without raising any alarm.

She not long afterwards sighted a Policeman and she walked up to him.

“Officer, good afternoon”

“Good afternoon, madam” the officer replied looking at her with interest.

“Please, I wanted to buy fishes from one market woman done the road and I gave her money but she did not give me any fish. What can I do?”

“Oh! Take that corner and turn left you will see a police station there, go and report to them” He replied

“Thank you sir!”

Mrs Akeem followed the direction and reported to the person at the counter. One police officer was instructed to follow her and she marched gallantly to the market woman in question.

The officer clutched a gun and stood in front of the obviously dazed market woman.

“Madam this woman said you refused to either give her the fishes she paid for or return her money. Which one do you want- give her the fishes, return the money or follow us to the police station.”

The frightened woman speechlessly began to pack the fishes and handed it over to Mrs Akeem.
 Obviously she had been into the trade for a while and had gotten away with people’s money like that. She did not know a customer could go ahead to call a policeman for just some pieces of fish and they would go all the way to follow her- Every day for the thief; one day for the owner.

Mrs Akeem gladly collected the fishes, thanked the officer and went ahead to continue her shopping leaving the market woman blue with shock.

“I just thanked the officer and walked away without giving him a dime in appreciation. After all, it is his job and I am a civil servant, they use my tax to pay his salary!” Mrs Akeem said while finishing up the story.  

We all were shocked as well and we reeled with laughter at so much drama just to cook a meal.

Well, the Nigeria Police Force is generally believed to be corrupt but I guess some of them could actually still be trusted and relied upon. As a full-blooded citizen, I look forward to when every member of the force actually becomes a friend of the public they are meant to serve. What do you think?