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Dr Ifeanyi had just finished a stressful call duty and needed a much deserved rest before he goes back to work. He decides to go to the hospital lounge to take a drink and rest.
The TV is on and since he was the only one present at the moment he decided to change the channel.

Shortly after, Nurse Nike walks in to get a drink too. On sighting the doctor, her face lights up.

“Good afternoon sir”

“Hey, good evening rather, madam. How are things?”

“Oh sorry, good evening Sir, things are good”

“You are on night shift or just leaving for home?”

“I am on night shift, I just pray it isn’t too stressful today “

“Oh, well, I pray too” the doctor says with a smile on his face

Dr Ifeanyi resumes back to the TV.

The documentary is captivating. Some countries are being shown, young people are volunteering to give free health talks and aids to the people in the communities.

He suddenly feels a sense of guilt as if he wasn’t doing enough at his present employment. But then he remembers not everyone would go to the nooks and cranny. If everyone goes there, who will be available for those in the city.

Dr Tunde walks in,

“My chairman, how are you?” He addresses Dr Ifeanyi who gives a throaty laughter

“Who is your chairman?  You are the boss mehn”

“We all know that isn’t true…anyway let’s not go into that…what is calling for so much of your attention as if you want to write an examination on the subject?”

“My brother, It is this documentary on HIV I am watching” Dr Ifeanyi responds, his voiced etched with concern.

“Well, sometimes I wonder if it would actually be possible to bring an end to the scourge” he says as he slums into the couch beside Dr Ifeanyi.

“Hey Attendant, kindly get me a can of cold Coca-Cola.” Dr Tunde motions to the attendant

“You know the youth who are the future generation are very sexually active and despite all the education, One would expect them to be more enlightened and at least know the HIV status of their partner and themselves. But hell No!” Dr Ifeanyi says with raised hands

Dr Tunde collects the drink, pays the attendant and gulps down almost half of its content.

“Oh, yeah they get so carried away with this their Love thing” He says making an imaginary inverted coma when saying the LOVE THING with a smirk on his face.

“Dr Tunde, you know they seem to be more concerned with unwanted pregnancies. Strangely enough they try every contraceptive possible to make sure the lady doesn’t get pregnant but yet they aren’t concerned about all the various sexually transmitted diseases.

“Yes, Dr Ifeanyi, and they never even bother to protect themselves and when they come for consultation; all they are concerned about is ‘this contraceptive’ or ‘that contraceptive’. One wonders how they knew so much”

“You know if care is not taken, we would not have the reduction we predict despite all the campaigns and information available to the youth.”

Dr Tunde nods his head “Yes you are right, we need to start to emphasize it to them to protect themselves or better still abstain from pre-marital sex to be on the safest side, if there is anything like that.” He says with a loud laughter.

“Also, I think we need to start this know your HIV  status campaign with so much aggression again or else we won’t achieve so much”

“Alright boss, I need to get going I have a VVF patient I am monitoring on the ward. Catch you around. Dr Ifeanyi shakes hands with his colleague as he strolls out of the lounge.

P.S: Know your status today and spread the word.