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Another evening at the hospital lounge…
A very hectic day for Dr Akpan; he heads to the hospital lounge for a much deserved rest. He is
sure that within thirty minutes, the nurse on duty would place a call across to him again.

“Well what can I do, I swore the Hippocratic oath over a decade ago and it’s a call to service” he soliloquizes as he sips from the cold bottle of  Fayrouz drink.

Dr Tunde walks in,

“My Chairman, how are you sir?”

“Oh common man, everyone is your chairman and we all know who calls the shot in this hospital”

Dr Tunde bats eyelids and feigns ignorance,
“Unfortunately I don’t know what you are talking about”

Dr Akpan lifts up his left chin and gives a mischevious grin,
“oh well, continue to remain in the state of denial, but we all know you are the boss around here and you call the shots”

“Oh well, if you say so. In between how are you and your drama filled unit”
Dr Tunde queried while signaling to the attendant to get him a drink

“Well, we are coping. But like you said the unit is so filled with drama” Dr Akpan responds with a smile

“I can imagine, I say a lady being wheeled into the ward this morning, what was wrong with her?”

“Sir, her case is a really pathetic one”


“Yes, she and her friends went for a party and she was gang raped to coma”

“What!!!? What about her friends?”
Dr Tunde exclaimed wide-eyed

“That is the point, it was her friends that brought her in and since I am not a policeman I cannot be investigating but I think it was a setup”

“How do you know that?” Dr Tunde asked looking skeptically at his colleague

“I asked them a few questions and discovered that no other person was raped and they were the ones who brought her here. All their answers weren’t adding up and that was how I suspected that they planned it”

Dr Akpan said with his face full of pity.

“Wow, that is shocking, but why would they do that. Don’t they know they are also ladies themselves and could be victims tomorrow?”

“Very shocking, doc. Eventually the girl has come around but she cannot even remember anything that happened”

“Obviously she was drugged” Dr Tunde replies with disgust

“Yes, I suspect. We have sent her blood samples to the laboratory for testing and tried to clean her up’

“She would need a psychologist after discharge but she is doing far better now”

“The young people of these days never cease to amaze me, making friends with people of shady character”

“hmmm, I am sure she must have seen these girls doing some shady things before and trusted them too well never to hurt her and it has boomeranged”

“I just hope the whole incidence wasn’t on tape because these girls can even go to the extent of trying to blackmail her if she decides to report the rape case’

“That is true” Dr Tunde says shaking his head

“Well, I just want to make sure the girl is fine, her parents have been alerted but I would hand over those girls to the policemen personally”

“Really pathetic, just be careful, my man. The legal system is painfully slow and before justice is brought to the offenders, the compliant gets fed up”
Dr Tunde says with a shrug.
“I have lost my appetite; cases like these are cases which one just wants to wipe off one’s memory”

“I tell you” Dr Akpan says as he brings out his phone to pick a call

“Hello…Nurse…Dr Akpan speaking…okay…I will be on my way”

“Okay doc, take care and stay safe please” Dr Tunde says patting his colleague on the shoulder briefly

“Okay sir, I think it’s the young people we need to tell that…STAY SAFE AND TRUST ONLY YOURSELF”

“Catch you around Doc”

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