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Nurse Nike walks into the lounge.
“Mr. Attendant, how are things?” She says with a smile

“Fine oh, madam the madam” The attendant grins from ear to ear with a glint in his eyes

“Whats that look on your face, I have told you there is no road where you are looking at. You had better mind your business”

“Ah, aunty, why? Am I not charming enough?” he gets up from his seat and tries a fake fashion runway walk”

Nurse Nike laughs and claps her hands before placing one hand on her waist

“Funny man, I have told you were aren’t at the same level, just because I am free with you doesn’t mean you can start to make marriage advances to me”

“Madam, forget that level things, I know we aren’t at the same level for now when God’s light shines on me, my story will change or you too want to marry a doctor?”

“Young man, leave that story, you didn’t bother to go back to school to further your education or learn a useful skill and you keep saying God will shine a light on you.”

“Madam forget that one, there are many people who do not go to school and yet they become
millionaires and billionaires”

“Okay, remain here and be working as an attendant and dreaming about millions, abeg give me a bottle of Fanta”

“Okay and should I take one too at your cost?”

“Look at you just wooing a woman now and next thing you are begging from her, you should cover your face”

Dr Ifeanyi stood at the door quietly to catch a little glimpse of the drama. When he saw that he was discovered he walks in smiling leaving both of them embarrassed

“Good evening sir” Nurse Nike greets the doctor

“Good afternoon dear, you should consider this fine young man” the doctor says giggling

“Oh, no! Doctor you have to be joking”

“Well, no I am not joking, he is an handsome young man” he responds with a mischevious smile

Nike flips her hands “oh, please….I cant believe you are supporting him on his wishful ambition” and she turns to the attendant “and kindly give me my drink…I think I would stop coming to this place, I would just get my drink before coming to work or better still not take any drink”  she collects her drink and attempts to walks away

“Hey, don’t take it personal, I was just joking. Enjoy a stress-free duty” he pats her shoulder

The attendant grows green with envy on seeing that, just then the doctor turns to him and catches a glimpse

“Wow! Wow! Man, don’t get it twisted. Nurse Nike is my sister-in law “

“Really sir?” his face brightens up at the statement

“Oh yeah, and don’t bother yourself she is already engaged”

“Really?” his shoulders dropping

“Yes, were you thinking of marrying her?”

“Yes sir, I had hope, she is a very friendly lady” the attendant says looking down and fumbling with his fingers

“Well, she is just like that to everybody, don’t misunderstand her”

“Okay sir but…”

“Well, young man truth be told, you need to get back to school even if it is part time. With the economy of today no woman is ready to tag along with a broke man.I am sure even you too dont like the way you cant afford somethings”

“Actually…” he scratches his head

“See, kunle at least a basic tertiary education will make a lot of difference. Even if you want to go into business tomorrow, your basic education will make you difference from your unlearned competitor, how old are you?

“28 years sir”

“Well, it is never too late to start again, go and think about it and get back to me and we would plan everything together, before you are 32years we would have produced an educated fine young man who will have women wooing him instead” Dr Ifeanyi says  with a grin

“Really? Thank you so much sir. I will get back to you on Monday”

“You are welcome, hope to hear from you. I have to run along, the ward is somehow busy today and I am sure my help will be needed soon. Take care of yourself”