Hi there, this is another episode of this enlightening series. Grab a seat, a pack of buttered popcorn  and learn.

Dr Akpan walked into the lounge on this Friday evening, he looked tired as usual. His senior would be unavailable for the weekend and he has been told to fill up for him.

That would tell a very long weekend for him. He had told his wife to not expect him for the weekend.

“Kunle my man, any available drink for me?” he motioned to the lounge attendant

“Yes sir, we have all you can think of?”

“Wow, that is good, I need a cold bottle of maltina please” he says as he sits in thr couch

“Okay sir”

He opens the bottle place in front of him as he grabs the remote to change the TV channel.

Just then Pharm wunmi enters,

“hello doc, been a while I have seen you. Did you go on leave?”

She signals to the attendant to bring her favourite drink as she sits beside the doctor.

“Hey madam, yeah, I did” His face lights up “how is everything?”

“Well, fine, so where in the world  did you go to for your vacation?”
she asks with so much interest

“Just south Africa down there” he said flippantly

“Wow, see this man, did you say ‘just’, I am sure you really enjoyed yourself. Did you go with your family?”

“Well, it was fun and of course I went with my family.”

“Its good jare, Doc. All work and no play makes  jack a dull boy” Pharm wunmi says with that childish accent characteristic of nursery rhymes.

“Oh yes, I heard you run a pharmacy in town”

“Yes, I do. I have been running it for years now.”

“Really, you are the boss oh, so what are you doing in this our government hospital where we are just managing ourselves and you want to be sharing our little money with us”

“My brother, there are many roads to the market  and especially in this our present economy, one cannot afford to rely on only one source of income. I am sure you too must have a support somewhere, maybe its madam that is managing that one” she nudges him.

“Well, you are right maam. So what are the most challenging cases you come across?”

“I would say one of the most challenging issues is trying to convince people on why they do not need antibiotics for every ailment”

“hmmm, tell me about it”
doctor Akpan sits up and closer, face etched with concern.

“You know when they come to you doctors, they don’t come with their own idea of what is wrong with them but when they come to us. They somehow already claim that whatever is wrong with them needs an antibiotic and our work is just to give them the one they need”

“wow” he says apparently surprised

“I have to start querying them as to why they need it and when I feel they really don’t need an antibiotic, I have to engage in a struggle to dissuade them from antibiotic abuse but my brother, sometimes it is difficult and impossible”

“So what conditions do they claim they need antibiotics for?”

“From a simple itch to mild catarrh, from a feeling of weakness to pimples”

“Really?” Dr Akpan laughs out very loudly

“They even claim that their blood is dirty and need antibiotics to cleanse it”

“Wow” he says as he covers his mouth. “I cannot believe this”

“It is hard to believe but its true”

“So how do you go about convincing them”

“It is talk, talk and more talk, later they come back to show appreciation for what I convince them to buy but when some insist,  I just do my best and leave them to their choice but let them know the consequences of antibiotic abuse”

“Well done maam”

“Yeah thanks, I let them know that not all ailments need antibiotic and some ailments need just rest, good diet or other palliative measures and they should not just keep bombarding their systems with antibiotics”

“great work you are doing”

“Thanks doc, I needs to get going. I am on duty for this night”

“Same here, its nice catching up with you. See you around” they both stroll out and head to their different units