People are quite audacious! And what they say can leave you in shock at times, sometimes so shocking that all you can do is laugh anytime you recall the incidence. I have had random experiences and I decided to share some of the ones that blew my mind. Have some fun and also share with us if you have had similar experiences.

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I am up for women supporting women but sometimes, I am left in awe. I was at work on this  fateful day, I had finished my administrative duties for the day and thus was on the shop floor assisting to attend to customers. Quite a lot of vendors liaise with my manager and once he gives a good feedback and the relationship is going well, I do not bother to interface. A young woman walked in, greeted my manager and looked at me. She said “hello” and I responded.

The next conversation that ensued,

Manager to the vendor: Madam XYZ, this is my boss.

Manager to me: This is our XYZ vendor.

Me: Oh really, good afternoon.

Vendor to manager after sizing me up: Your Madam is small o. (in a condescending manner)

All of us were stunned for some seconds,

I responded sarcastically, “Oh yes, in fact I am about 18 years old”

For about a minute, I did not what else to say so I stood up and walked away. The nerve!

I noticed she most likely would be a woman in her late twenties and even if she was older, how can you look at someone and say the person is too small to be a boss?

She mostly had a picture of some woman in her fifties whose stature will be imposing enough to command some respect.

I observed her behavior afterwards for months, she tried to ride on the fact that after all ‘the madam is a young person’ and thus will supply products haphazardly, she would not keep to schedules, she would refuse to bring receipts whenever  she supplied her products and started to push different agendas from our initial deals.

It did not take long for her to default again  and this time we followed strict rules. She sat up a bit and the relationship was going quite well until it started to look like we were begging her to supply us. Well, to be brief, another vendor for the same product but a cheaper rate walked in and guess who switched vendors…the small madam. Oh and yes, the new vendor is  a woman too. #womensupportingwomen

Let us know if you have had similar experiences at work in the comments section. Stayed tuned for my other experiences.