Hi there, this is a short series of some of the most daring things I have been told at work. Some of those things business owners encounter and never get or bother to share. Read and let us know what you think. If you missed the first episode, find it by clicking here.


I had just set up a business at this time and I was recruiting staff. If you are a small-scale entrepreneur and you have had issues with recruiting, you would understand why big businesses outsource their recruiting. It is not a walk in the park. I had shortlisted various professionals for a certain slot. Some came, some did not (I will talk about that one day). A tall bulky young man walked in. He was way taller than me, for a lady, I am not short but this man was significantly a tall one. He was well dressed and looked presentable.

I greeted him. He responded a bit flatly.

I did not give it a thought until I told him to come over to the office and he said,

“Oh wow!”

I ignored that and started the interview alongside the other team member that was with me.

I did some introductions and the interview commenced.

It went fairly well although he was not as clinically sound as I wanted and he kept digressing into talking about his family, which was totally unnecessary. I asked why he left his former workplace and he said something around him leaving because he loves to do things his own way. That if he places some item a certain way or wants something done in a certain manner, he does not like any disruption. From all he said he seemed to have an issue with the new manager hired by his former workplace – some ego clashes and thus resigned.

Red flag right? Big one.

I feel one should be open to compromises.

I then proceeded to ask him why he said “wow” when he discovered I was the one to interview him.

He said he was expecting a tall huge man that would have an imposing stature and he would cower and be fidgeting during the interview. He went further to say but once he saw that it was a woman, he was more at ease and he could just take it leisurely.

I asked “so because it was a woman, you don’t think you need to take it very seriously?” I think he realized the impact of what he had said and struggled to justify himself further.

Well, it looked me like someone that would want to work with a woman because it’s a woman and there should be no ego clashes compared to if his boss was a male. Quite gender insensitive to me.

Did I hire him? Guess?