It has been a few months since I shared a blogpost and trust me, it’s not writer’s block. It’s just the ability to prioritize writing among the tens of things that occupy my time and fight for my attention but as you know writing is what I can never leave for long or should I say content creation because I released a YouTube video on my last birthday about motherhood and the feedback was awesome. I even gained a couple of subscribers.  Watch the video by clicking here, drop a comment, like the post and subscribe to the channel.


On my entrepreneurship journey, I have met quite a number of people and some have left indelible marks on my mind – for the good and bad reasons and for some, I cannot even classify where they stand honestly. (laughs).

I once hired this young lady that had poor work ethics, she was generally lazy and complained when given tasks which I found weird. Well, that is not the main issue. When some new staff resume, some of them do not have funds to transport themselves probably due to their previous unemployed state so I am often open to giving them some salary advance when proven to be needed. For this lady, this was not her first month and she had received her normal salary. Few days after collecting her salary I found out she bought a few things on credit saying she was going to pay. I was still looking for the best way to approach the issue until she claimed she wanted to buy something else that was on promotions and still wanted me to give her a further discounted price.


I insisted that the price could not be discounted further and explained to her. What I found out next was that she took the items from the shelf and went to hide it till she could get enough money to pay. Upon discovery, I am not sure which was more – being furious or being in shock. I instructed the superior person on duty with her to tell her to return the items and I addressed it generally at the staff meeting; that items should not be kept off the shelf for personal reasons. I went further to reiterate that for her situation, I was even surprised because they had just been paid their salaries so I was not expecting that she would be out of funds.

Well, the staff looked in the face and told me “The fact that we have just gotten our salary does not mean I cannot be broke, I am the one that knows what I use my salary for and it is nobody’s business”.

To say I was shocked is to say it mildly but how I managed to remain calm that day is still beyond me.

I said to myself, “Well, you are right, I have no business in how you spend your salary but you also do not have a right to be hoarding my items till when you can afford to buy it, I should not bear the brunt and my customers should have access to anything they want to buy.”

I cannot remember clearly how I responded that very day but that was one of the rudest remarks I have been slapped with in the course of work.

Put yourself in my shoes. What would you do?

Let us know in the comments section. Cheers to a new week.