“The past is a dead issue!” says Jack Hayford “and we cannot gain momentum if we are dragging the past behind us”. You do not need to be a deep thinker to agree with him. How many of us have failed in times past, we have broken that important relationship, we have been misjudged and severely punished. We have lost an important job or opportunity; we have missed an appointment or have been hurt badly.  And rather than move on, we continue to replay the bad memories in our mind thereby remaining at the same spot for too long.
Well, the truth is, we cannot move forward, dragging the past along. Always realize that we all have our regrets, we have things we did not do right, things we should not have said or done, ways we should not have acted or reacted. It’s a looser’s attitude. “Quitters”, they say “never win and winners never quit”. An adage states “if we because of the bad person remove our eyes, then what are we going to use to see when the good person is passing by? So if a relationship went bad, let go and let live. Move on and don’t carry extra baggage into the new one.
Opportunities have been lost: yes but then, look out for new ones and no matter how bad the past has been, remember that the future is as clean as can be and it depends on your actions today!