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Kemi walked quickly through the corridor trying to avoid any eye contact with everyone.

The receptionist was surprised that one of her favourite patients just walked by without saying a goodbye or dropping her usual tip.

She shrugged “something must be wrong but I am not her doctor so who am I to be asking her?” she soliloquised and continued to go through the files in front of her.

No way! I cannot keep this pregnancy. Ah! It is unheard of! I will go to my usual local herb seller to buy a very potent abortifacient. Nothing bad will happen to me.

She trekked to the nearest bus-stop and was between two opinions.

Should I board the public transport which will be much cheaper or just flag down a cab which will afford me the most needed privacy and comfort?

Just then, a cab stopped by, the driver hooted his horn to draw her out of her reverie,
“Madam, where are you going to?”

She thought for a split second.


“Where in Egbeda, Egbeda big na!”

“Total bus stop, the street is just off the bus stop”

“Two thousand naira”

“What? Am I going to heaven?” Kemi asked; wide-eyed

“One thousand five last! You agree?

“Okay, just take me there in one piece” kemi blurted and entered the cab.

Hmmm! Pregnant? I need to do another test.

“Driver, please can I stop over at divine laboratory  just before the bus-stop, I need to do something urgently I will join you as soon as I am done.”

“No problem madam but your money go increase oh. You know say the time I go use wait, I suppose use am carry another passenger” the cab driver said while looking at her in his rear mirror.

“Whatever, I will pay you”

“Thank you ma” he said grinning from ear to ear like a child that just got big candy bar.

God thank you oh, me that has been roaming around since morning, na him You just butter my bread bring this woman come my way. God thank you oh.

Shortly afterwards the cab driver pulled over at the laboratory and kemi alighted while he was trying to look for a comfortable place to


“Madam you are welcome, what can I do for you?” the receptionist asked as she flashed a smile at her.

“I need to do a pregnancy test urgently”

“Okay, no problem, kindly follow  me”

“Please how soon can I get the result? Someone is waiting for me outside”

“Don’t worry, I will make sure you get it soon” the lady said while flashing that same smile at her.

After collecting her blood sample she was told to wait.

So if this is actually true, it means I have to abort the pregnancy or live with it. I doubt if I will ever love such a child. I doubt it. I have to abort it either Tunde accepts or not.
After all it is our fault. We are in it together.

“Madam, madam” the receptionist waved her hands in front of kemi to bring her back to the present.

“Oh, the result is ready?”

“Yes, this is it” she stretched the dreaded white envelope to her and stood there for another second before finally realising she was not supposed to look at the result of the test.

Kemi opened it envelop and scanned through.

Hmmnn, here it is ‘positive’ the other test was correct then.  

Her hands quivered but she tried to compose herself as she walked out.

Her yes met the ever smiling receptionist again and for a split second she thought the lady was mocking her.

Why would she anyway, she does not even know me.

“Goodbye ma” the lady said to her.

Kemi reached out for her purse and gave her  a two hundred naira bill.

“Goodbye, this is for your kindness and that smile”

“Ah, thank you very much ma”

Kemi walked out, squared her shoulder and told herself that aborting it was the wrong but best thing to do.

The cab driver carried her home. She quietly sobbed in the cab.

‘Madam, hope there is no problem?” he said with concern

“No problem, just face the road!” she snapped.

Abi, she done spend her money finish, wan come do drama make I carry am for free. Ah! Devil is a liar oh.  

“Madam, so your money na two thousand five hundred naira oh!” the driver said while fidgeting with the handle of the door to allow her come out.

“No, problem, just take the money. Today is your lucky day, if not for my condition, you think I will be frivolous enough to board a cab and pay six times the cost if it were a bus?” she lashed at him as she walked into the house.

The driver was stunned.

He entered into his cab as he drove away looking for the next available customer.

Chai, I don suffer for this work oh. After all, I no force am enter na. Anyway na she sabi. Me I don hammer today ,My wife go cook that nsala soup wey don dey hungry me since.   


After preparing dinner   absentmindedly, she served her family and they went to bed.

Tunde and Kemi stayed back in the living room watching a show.

“Tunde, I went to see the doctor today” kemi started calmly.

“What happened?” he turned as he quickly switched off the television.

“I am pregnant!”.

“What?” he looked at her with glazed eyes, shocked.

“How come? Are you sure? What about the herbs?”

“Are you asking me how come?”

“No dear, that is not what I mean but…”

“But what? I had to do a confirmatory test in another laboratory and it was still the same.” She started to cry.

Tunde kept mute. No wonder she has been unusually quiet and the children too had been calm today as if they knew something was wrong. I thought it was one of her mood swings. Pregnant? No way!

He reached for his wife, “okay stop crying, we are in this together.”

After some minutes of consoling. She stopped crying.

“So, what is next?” Tunde asked with uncertainty in his eyes.

“I am going to abort it.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Yes, I have never been surer of any other thing”

“Okay, when?”

“As soon as you give me money”

“Okay, I will give you tomorrow”

“Thanks, but we have to be careful next time”

“Yes, you are right; I guess those herbs are not reliable then. We need to go see the doctor for safe contraceptive methods to choose from.”


Kemi stepped into a chemist shop.

“Good afternoon, madam, what do you want to buy?”

“Please I need to see you privately.”

“Okay” the attendant stepped aside and he discussed with kemi.

“Well, madam we do not have those kinds of drug here but there is one woman down the road that I can refer you to.”

She took the directions and went.


Kemi entered the apartment, it smelt of stale blood.  This is the devil’s theatre.

“Good day ma, please I am pregnant and I need to get rid of it quickly.”

“Okay, do you want drugs or you want me to do it for you manually?”

“I prefer drugs”

“Ten thousand naira”

“I will give you, where are the drugs?”

The woman reached  into her drawer and brought out a number of drugs.

Kemi eyed them suspiciously, counted the money and handed it to the woman.

“Good, you will take this one every three hours” she said as she held up a drug envelope with white tablets “while you will take the rest once daily” she finished.

Kemi nodded. I hope I do not regret this

“Note that you will bleed but it is normal; you are flushing out the baby so don’t be afraid.”

Kemi cringed at the thought of blood streaming down her thighs.

She thanked the woman and left.


“Hello dear” Tunde said as he stepped into the house.

 “How are you today?”

“I am fine”

After greeting his children and playing with them for a while he turned to her.

“So how did it go?”

“I was referred to a woman and she gave me drugs”


“In fact, the one she said I should take one tablet every three hours; I have been taking two. I want it to work very fast and just in case the child is a stubborn one, the double dose will flush it out!”

“What? That is very dangerous!”

“Although I have been bleeding since then but the woman said it was normal”

“Ah! I am afraid. I do not want to lose my wife due to carelessness. I hope you are fine?”

“I am fine except for…ahhhh!!!!”
She let out a blood curdling scream.

“Jesus!!! I knew something was wrong” he said as he saw blood flowing down her thighs.

She went limp immediately.

He got up to get a towel.

“Kemi, please don’t die! Please!”

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