Hello old and new blog readers. This is the wrap up of the exciting story.If you missed the previous episode, do well to check so as to get full grasp of this episode.Thanks.

“Sorry we lost her.” Doctor Charles informed Tunde.

“What? I am finished. If I had known?”  Tunde shouted and grabbed the doctor at his left upper hand.
“Doctor if I had known I would have stopped her, now I will be a widower at age 37! How am I going to cope? How? Doctor how?”

“I am sorry Mr Tunde but I warned your wife not to abort the pregnancy, she refused and now she has learned the hard way.”

“Ah! Doctor, now I am left with four children to cater for; to act as both mother and father. How am I going to go about it? Tunde kept shaking the doctor’s hand with his eyes glazed with tears.

“Once again, Mr Tunde I am sorry for the loss. God will comfort you. I have to attend to other patients now, will you please excuse me?”

“Oh sorry, you can go. It is my entire fault. I supported her decision blinding my eyes to the red light – the thought that kept nudging me to stop her. I even gave her the money. Now I have to deal with all these alone.”    


“Daddy, you have to marry another wife. It is twenty years now that mummy died and you cannot continue to mourn her” Ade, his first child said.

“Hmmn” Tunde heaved a sigh and bowed his head.

“Now we are all grown up and the last child is getting married in a couple of weeks. You have done a good job of training us single-handedly but you need someone to keep you company.”

“Yes” the rest children nodded in unison.

“Daddy, say something you have been deep in thought since we started talking.” Ade said.

“Actually, there is a truth you all ought to know.” Tunde said as he looked up at each of the children.

“We are listening sir” two of them echoed simultaneously.

“I feel like I killed your mother.”

“No daddy that cannot be true. We all know she bled to death due to some complications. We were all at home that day.” Ade said with some shock in his voice while the others nodded I agreement.

“Well the truth is, she committed an abortion and I was in full support” Tunde looked at  them for their reaction.

“What???”Ade got up

“Daddy it is not true right?” another child said.

“I am sorry but that is the truth, although she went to do it illegally because the doctor at our hospital told her he would not do it for her but then she took an overdose of the  prescribed drug and that led to her womb being destroyed and the excessive bleeding.” Tunde said.

“No wonder the sympathizers kept talking in hushed voices then, so they all knew?”

“No one knows till date except for the doctor and myself, maybe they were only suspecting and did not want you children to know”

“Wow! Well Daddy, the past is gone and we cannot bring her back.You cannot continue to live in that  regret.”

“Of course, I have moved on but I cannot bring myself to love a woman any longer because I feel I was responsible for the death of my wife.”


“No buts, I have made up my mind. As soon as the baby of the house gets married I will employ a steward that will live in the boys’ quarters with his family. They will continue to keep me company. Hopefully, I would not stay too long before I die.”

“Ah, Daddy don’t say that. But employing the steward is a good idea. At least we will be sure you have people around you.” one of them said while the others nodded.

“So case closed, I hope I have your forgiveness?” Tunde said, quizzingly looking at each of them in turns.

“Yes sir”

“Good! Someone should bring the bottle of wine from the fridge, we need to have a drink and share a toast to forgiveness.”

                 THE END

P.S: The story is highly fictional but inspired by a recent encounter where I found myself advising someone against abortion. After all my talking, she walked away and I never saw her but somehow felt she was going to do it anyway. Share this story, you donot know who is at this crossroad. Thanks.