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“Doctor, good afternoon sir” she said giving the doctor a smile.

“Good afternoon, madam” He replied as he lifted his head from the book he was reading.

“Here is the result of the test you instructed me to do” she stretched a closed envelope to him as she took her seat in the chair opposite the doctor.

The doctor scanned through the contents for about one and half minutes before looking up at her.

“Well, Madam, there are no malaria parasites seen and no typhoid causing parasites as well…”

“But I am not feeling alright at all” Kemi cut in

“Hold on, I have not finished yet” the Doctor replied.

“Oh, sorry sir!”

“Well, I am pleased to inform you that you are pregnant and that is the reason for the way you have been feeling since Sunday” Doctor Charles replied while looking into her eyes waiting for an answer.

It took five seconds before the information made sense.

“But Doctor, I still saw my period last month. I cannot be pregnant. I just cannot” she said shaking her head vigorously while trying to validate the possibility in her mind.

“When, last month?”

“First of July or so, very early in the month!” Kemi replied.

“Okay and what is today’s date?”

“Fifteenth of August!” she replied; reality dawning gradually.

“So madam, you can see that ideally you are supposed to have menstruated this month and the absence justifies this result” he said while handing over the result to her to enable her see for herself.

After some minutes of awkward silence.

 Kemi heaved a sigh and said “So, please sir, how can you help me?”

“There is no help I can render. Having a child is a thing of joy and people spend millions of naira to have children or just one for that matter. Here you are, privileged to have one and you want me to help you kill that one”.

“Doctor, you do not understand!” kemi replied looking frustrated.

“Can you explain to me then?” Doctor Charles responded with some concern.

“My husband and I planned having three children, accidentally we had four and now you are saying another one is coming. My husband is just a level 10 teacher and I am running a small scale business. How are we going to tend to five children? How are we going to give them a better education than ourselves? How are we going to clothe them so they would not feel inferior to their friends? How? How Doctor? How?” she asked as she sobbed profusely.

“Madam, I am really sorry for you but were you not aware of various contraceptive methods?” the Doctor asked with empathy.

“I…I… I am aware but I feared using the pills because I have heard a lot of stories and my husband does not like to use protection.”

“Really, so how have you been spacing your children?” the Doctor asked with interest.

“I have been using local methods” she replied amidst silent sobs

“Apparently they did not work this time around and you would have to keep the baby”

“No doctor, I cannot! Kindly help me, please!” she pleaded

“Madam, you see, I cannot help you for a number of reasons”

“Please just help me!”

“First, it is against my religious belief. Secondly, it is dangerous to commit an abortion; you might end up with a damaged womb or even die. Thirdly, that child you want to kill may become the greatest of all your children”

“Doctor, I am also a Christian, in fact, my bishop’s wife has committed it before and she is still alive and well. Heaven helps those who help themselves. The other children would be great sir!”

“Well, since you have already made up your mind, then it is left to you” the Doctor responded

“Okay sir, goodbye!” She said as she furiously got up from the seat and walked out of the consulting room.

“Don’t say I did not tell you” Doctor Charles said as she walked out.

She ignored the last statement with a resolve to abort the pregnancy with or without her husband’s consent.

Find out what happened next as the story continues…