Hiiiii there, it has been a lonnnggg time! You see, if I say I have a lot on my plate and got very busy, I don’t think that is good enough excuse.

That is why I would not spare myself and dish out the truth.


So this is it, I said it! Procrastination took hold of me and robbed me of my promise to publish every week no matter how little my audience.

I skipped a week and then I recovered and published again. Then skipped again and published. But then, I skipped several weeks and eventually today I said “NO WAY! No matter how busy, I must write something!”
Then I thought “what should I write on?”

The thought came, write on how procrastination has slowly sent coldness my way! But now I am overcoming it by putting up something! I wish to be more consistent and be more innovative. God help me!

Enough of myself now, Procrastination is putting off something you ought to do till a further time. Sometimes it is linked to indecision but sometimes it’s just pure laziness. But like a cancerworm, it eats slowly but surely till it has done a lot of havoc.

Either ways, the way to end it is to tell yourself “No way! I am doing it now” and you get up and do what you ought to do before it’s too late.

That said, have a fulfilling week! CHEERS!

P.S : Be helpful and share with other readers how you overcome procrastination in times past. Thanks.