Hello everyone, so finally one of my besties decided to give me an article at the tail-end of the year and the title says it all. To be sincere, I have already given up any hope of getting an article from her this year and boom!out of the blues, this article comes without any lobbying. LOL.

We have been friends for almost a decade or so and trust me I have been with her at her lowest moments and I can relate.You can get inspiration from this well crafted piece.


Here goes my reflection as I journeyed to Sunyani in Ghana. I hope it inspires someone to be more!
I recall making up my mind during a turbulent period in Ife Pharmacy school that I must be no mean
pharmacist after all these stress. On graduation, I proceeded to intern at Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja… That was a unique move as many folks wondered why I had to go all the way to Lokoja for internship; they did not understand that I was set to go beyond borders literally and literarily.

Here was my little contribution to the community

NYSC service year came and I began to think seriously about where I was headed on leaving the village where I had been posted to serve.
Needless to say, I served conscientiously and participated in some Capacity building schemes -NCCF, CPET/HIV team, Foreign language SAED etc. My company also was an inspiring one as I had the privilege of being friends with goal-getters. (Shout out to you all!)
I returned from service towards the end of November 2017, full of hope for a future so bright in God .

While waiting, a friend encouraged me to invest my time in what I loved doing, hence the Unique Models vision – a platform for teenagers to be more! (See attached flier)
To say I’m proud I launched into that is an understatement. It was a dream come true for me to be an impact on the lives of young people whom I hope to continue to impact positively.
The job hunt began with me almost living on the web, declining many and being declined by some. I had my eyes on development organizations and NGOs. I had been applying into NGOs since during NYSC. I got
my passport a day to POP just in case an opportunity opens and I have to leave immediately.

Very serious minded at one of the workshops

I also applied my time and resources into attending
highly inspiring events, some free, others paid. I never
left any of those events without a stronger resolve
to be more, and plenty of selfies with people who
inspire me a lot. (To mention a few, The Meetup by
Meetingpoint.ng, Goalsetting masterclass by The
Outliers, Lofty Heights Conference, True Living Confer‐
ence, WomenWill by Google Business Group, When‐
WomenWin conference, Digital Workforce Conference,
Child Sexual Abuse Campaign by ThreshingHouse…)

You see, I live on the outskirts of Lagos/Ogun so attending all of these programmes was like travelling, considering the time and stress of navigating in the traffic from the Lagos Island to the mainland and beyond! It was a lot of sacrifice on my part.
In March, after declining another offer, I picked up a job at an awesome Community Pharmacy outlet, where I was in for continuous learning and application of all I had learned earlier  as a 7-star Pharmacist (LOL).

My only challenge with this job is that my weekends were no longer so free as I work on alternate

weekends. This did not deter me from personal and capacity development. Lest I forget, I joined some
enriching Facebook and WhatsApp groups like never before. I made my debut into Insta ville too. Exposure overload! 

Is it Remi Owadokun’s page, or John Obidi’s or Victor’s HPEN? I was mind blown!
I always say that as distracting as social media can be, if your circle is carefully selected, your news feed will be full of nothing but inspiration. My facebook friends are out of this world! Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Having written down Career Advancement Beyond Borders in the blank cheque that my church provided as a Covenant Slip in January, affirming it during Esther Omikunle’s Goalsetting Masterclass, and reaffirming to Pharm Mofoluwasho Ilevbare at the MeetUp 3.0 that I was heading to WHO headquarters in response to her question on if given the opportunity to travel the world, by December. I was almost used up to remember.
As I sat in my office one fateful day, I stumbled on Madueke’s post where she shared a write up
by John Obidi. I spoke to folks at work and said that before 2018 runs out, I desire to go someplace outside Nigeria, just to get my mind more expanded. They laughed it off.

I was to take a 14-day leave from work. My plans on retreating and paying a visit to see my nephew seemed foggy. Then I heard that a beloved kid sis of mine was gone to Ghana. I recall seeing a WhatsApp status she sometimes updated about AIESEC and told her I was interested but didn’t know if time and work would permit me. I chatted her up and she connected me with AIESEC.

I was asked to come over immediately! Thanks to a passport ready before travel opportunity ever
appeared! Thanks to a saving culture before a large need showed up! Thanks to understanding friends, family and fathers and mentors who truly believed in this lady who could be spontaneous when it comes to ruthlessly achieving goals.
Thanks to YAHWEH… Hey! Speechless!! He’s indescribable!!! 

At work, All work and no picture makes…..?

Pharm Hadassah goes to Sunyani, Ghana… Carrying Jesus to the nations!

P.S: AIESEC is a youth-run NGO aimed at meeting UN’s SDGs. My focus is on SDG3 and I’m in Ghana as a Volunteer for the AIESEC Health Project. It will open up career development opportunities for me, while I network with amazing folks from all over Africa. You may want to check Google to find out more about AIESEC and how you can be a part.

P.P.S This was the title of a mail Bri Seeley sent me on the third day of December. Bri is an author of international repute and one of those whose mails I subscribed for in January.

P.P.PS: Thank you Pharm Esther for this inspiring piece. Kindly promise us, you will share your experience with us too. We are waiting!