Happy new year to you my highly esteemed blog readers.

I am extremely grateful to God  to be particularly alive today: 17th of January 2018. A flashback at this day last year brings a lot of memories but to be alive today shows that when God is for one, no one can be against one.

Strangely enough, I have not dropped any post this new year. I have been extremely busy, trying to tie up multiple loose ends. But I am gradually making progress.

I would love to appreciate all those who made my 2017 worth the ride: My hubby, Family, Friends, Colleagues, Well wishers, Blog Contributors, Blog readers, Admirers and even those who do not believe in me or see anything good in me (you make me to keep trying). I am deeply grateful to everyone of you.

Without much ado, let me drop two handouts for you this beautiful year,

First, less expectations leads to less disappointments. Do not expect too much from people so you have less disappointments  as well.

Secondly, You determine your price. Place so much value on yourself, no one will help you!

That said, I wish YOU and myself a very fruitful 2018. CHEERS!