Hello everyone, it has been a while. Life’s hustle is taking its toll on me  and my contributors but blogging is something I am not planning on stoping anytime soon so no matter the gap, be rest assured that I will come through eventually. Hugs. So how have you been doing? So far, so good! I guess!

image source: inspirebeing.co.za

I am a very organized person generally but I observed that when I create a To-do list on my sticky notepad, I tend to achieve more and I can assess if I was able to achieve much for the day or not. Today, as I sat to list the things I planned to achieve today it occurred to me to share on my blog and encourage someone out there to try this if they aren’t doing that yet.

Some people are not organized and will benefit greatly from this idea; while some of us may tend to forget one important task we need to perform while being carried away with another task so it benefits everyone.

I decided to read online to find out more about writing a To do list and I discovered that there are even applications for it now which one can download on our smart phones  and this makes it easier. You can write out all you need to do either daily or weekly, and strike each achieved task out once it is done.

Either you are self employed or work for an organization or you want to list household chores or errands you wish to run, it applies to everyone to enable you achieve more and assess your productivity level.

That said why not get to try this and thank me later when you start to achieve more! If you have been using this method to organize yourself, Kindly let me know what you think in the comments section. Thank you.

P.S: You can also include buying and reading my book “HOPE ISLAND” which is available on okadabooks app to your new To do list and see yourself achieving that. Laughs.