Hi there, this is a piece from Aanu Odedere. ENJOY!

This is my church,
There is a big pot hole in front,
Vehicles passing by usually splash muddy water on unsuspecting members;
Our store is filled with unused sacs,
And our area has lots of quarter-sands,
We are praying that the government will soon come to our aid;
So we do nothing.

This is my house,
During the rainy season, it floods,
My neighbour’s two-year old son, almost drowned last month;
There are water channels/drainages in front of our compounds but blocked,
We blame the previous tenants for dumping refuse in the water channels,
We hope the government would clear the drainage soon;
So we do nothing.

This is my Village,
The present economic situation is having its toil on us,
We no longer get the free bags of rice from our relatives in the cities;
Our fathers have large farmlands,
Our mothers bring the farm products home to eat,
While the squirrels feast on the rest,
We are certain the government would come to our rescue with lots of money,
So we sit back and watch the harvest waste,
And do nothing.

This is ME,
I am Nigerian,
I wish I was born in the United States,
I heard that place is paradise,
Should I blame my parents or God for this?
I soon realized I could not change my past,
But the future I desire is Me,
I can choose to start doing something,
Or watch it wasted.