Hi there, it has been a while I wrote a story. So here is one, enjoy and share!


Bamike sat at the work area, her laptop was well placed at her table, she took a look at the battery- a habit she has been unable to drop after seven years abroad – 50%, she felt satisfied. 
Her fingers sprawled across the QWERTY keyboard. She has been stuck for over an hour! Her work as a content writer was taking its toll.

Now don’t get it wrong, she loves her job!

Within a couples of years of getting married, she had two children and they were both in the nursery school at the moment. However, getting a job in the United States was harder than she had imagined.

Her typical day goes thus:

– Wake at 6.00 am and say some prayers with her family members.

-Head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast while her husband bathes and gets her boys prepared.

-At 7.30 am, everyone is ready and their lunch bags are packed for school.

-Her husband takes the children to school before heading to work

-Bamike cleans up the house.

-Bathes, dress-up and have her breakfast.

-Then she starts her job search

After years of search for regular 9-5 office jobs and lots of rejections she decided to switch what she loved to do the most – WRITING!

And just like that, she started writing on different platforms for free and then one of her articles went viral.

That was the big break!

Within a month she could not meet up with the demands from her numerous and ever increasing clients. She eventually hired a personal assistant – Sally to help her schedule her deliverables, remind her of the ones with the highest priority, proof-read and critic her content before submission. Sally also doubled as her stylist.

Today, after the family was off to school and work, she sent her personal assistant on a work errand and sat at her work desk in her closet-converted-to-office to write content for a TV commercial. She was stuck!

The day before, she had to submit three deliverables. Because she was now a known brand, she had to make sure her content was perfect and totally ingenious. Bamike slept very late in the morning and was up as usual to her daily routine!

After another two hours without a clue of what to write she decided to take a nap.


A brief rasp on the door jolted her to consciousness, she stood up to open the door for Sally- the one person with that characteristic knock.

“Bams, you have a meeting with our biggest client so far via video call in thirty minutes’ time!, Remember?” Sally said as she walked into the house while accessing Bamike’s appearance.

“What? Is it today?” She asked in shock.

“Yes, and I recall reminding you again yesterday” Sally responded.

“Oh, No! I forgot, can we postpone it?”

“No Bams, We cannot!, we cannot create a wrong first impression!” Sally said as she dragged Bamike to the door of her room to freshen up and have a change of clothes while she set up the meeting with the client.

In twenty minutes, Bamike was looking dashing with her make-up as she sat  in front of the camera to negotiate with her client. Within an hour a huge deal was agreed on and just as she was trying to sit again to continue her brain-storming. She heard the bell ring, Sally got the door and her children ran towards her after a brief “hi” to Sally. The school-bus had dropped them off and she knew it was time to start preparing dinner and have some time with her children.

By the end of the day when her personal assistant was gone, her husband was watching the news and her children retired to bed, she sat at her work desk to continue her work before retiring to bed.

She took a respite to think on the day’s activities and could not imagine her life being more busy than a lot of office workers that she had almost killed her self with envy with.

How twisted can life be‘ she thought. Several months ago she was almost going into depression due to her lack of a source of income and activity;  right now, she is thinking of hiring more people to help with the work load.

“Time and chance happens to man” She concluded