Hi  my highly esteemed blog readers and  first timers…It has been a long lonng time. Oh well, let us just say life happened and as you know…sometimes one gets more than one planned for but it is all good. Cheers. I do hope this year turns out to be the best year ever  for you and me.

So, I am here thinking about two things one cannot but be grateful for or better still two groups of people that always have ones back at anytime.

First is family….we agree to disagree and disagree to agree but trust me..family is priceless. We did not choose them but we can be sure most times to have their support. They are those we can run to when in trouble. Their love can be overwhelming at times but they have our interest at heart.

Second is friends…these are people that you can run to and you know even if they cant help you..they will offer their shoulder for you to lean on to cry. These  are people that make you talk till your airtime gets exhausted,they make hangouts eventful and let you enjoy every bit of life. They admire you and see the good you most times cannot see in yourself. They tell you- yes you can!

If you have these two wonderful gifts…my friend..you have a lot. Therefore, be very thankful.

P.S : This piece is dedicated to my wonderful family members and my awesome friends. You all mean the world to me.  I am forever grateful. Much love.