Have you ever imagined what it means when the bible says God will hide you under his wings? Let me give a simple illustration of what it looks like. One day in a certain poultry, there were two mother hens, let’s call them mother A and mother B. Mother hen A has just gone through the birthing process and brought forth her chicks- eight in number. She watches them with all her might and threatens any other hen or cock that comes near the chicks. Then one day, the hawk sights new chicks and feels like having some for lunch, it hangs around the poultry for a while, hovering over trying to see the weak points of mother hen A.  But trust mother hen A, she knows when the hawk is around. There is a particular sound she makes which is a clue for the chicks; immediately they hear this sound, they all run towards their mother and in seconds they are under her wings.
Trust me, as long as they are under her wings, they are covered and the hawk knows that; it does not bother itself but rather goes away waiting for another time to attack. Any chick that refused to heed the call is the victim for the day. Sometimes mother hen may decide to fight back but remembering that there are still some chicks left, she withdraws to protect the ones left.
However mother hen B, after bringing forth her chicks, had not started teaching her chicks how to recognize the specific danger call. Unfortunately, she died due to an unknown disease and her chicks were left to survive on their own. One day, the hawk sighted them as usual and started hovering. Mother hen A made the usual danger call and her chicks responded while the orphan chicks of mother hen B did not heed the call. They kept on their business of pecking at food bits; before long, the hawk picks up one of them.
That is just how God protects His own, He gives them danger signs, and He hears their cry when they are in trouble. He is a refuge in times of trouble. A sure refuge you can count on just like the chicks can count on the hen when the hawk attacks. But the thing also is sometimes when are deaf to God’s call, we just can’t hear when He calls and don’t understand his signs; therefore the devil gets hold.  God is a very present help in time of trouble so always utilize the opportunity. So friend, make sure you are in tune with Him and understand His voice.