Hello Dear blog readers,

How are you doing? Lockdown is being eased gradually. How is it coping with the new normal?
From my end, we are transitioning fast. 
Today, we are doing some pep talk that I think applied to me more than anyone else. 
Whenever you hear this phrase “use what you have to get what you don’t have” what comes to your mind?
Way back, the phrase has been used in somewhat derogatory situations when people are told to do compromising things just to achieve their aim. 
However on a closer look, to make it in Life, we really have to use what we have to get what we do not have. 
Let me share a few short stories with you….
Akeem was an orphan who had the realities of life thrown at him from a very young age of 16, he was however lucky to be adopted by a neighbour. Initially, he found it difficult to adjust to a new family, new school and new routine coupled with the trauma of loosing both parents at the same time. 
He was feeling depressed at some point and the school’s nurse noticed. She called him in for a chat on a certain day and that was the turning point. She made him understand that life could have been worse especially since his family members were reluctant to adopt him; he now had an opportunity in his hands that should not be mis-used. After two hours of extensive counselling, he made up to utilize the opportunity on his hands. He later turned out to be a successful young man with a passion for helping orphans. 
Chioma was a very beautiful woman in her early twenties who made every man turn when she smiles or walks by. She also noticed that she had a captivating charm that made people love her without much effort. Having graduated with a first class in mass communication, she decided to pursue a career in marketing. Her charming personality was the deal breaker for her as she warmed her way into clients hearts. Within 10 years she rose to the position of a regional manager covering various countries in an highly reputable company. Chioma channelled her talents and personality strengths into her career and she was rewarded for it.
Ranti has a great stature, her gait is captivating as well. 

“You should be a model” everyone always say to her but she felt it did not align with her passion to be a medical doctor. After graduating from medical school, she started her internship program and got jolted with the hectic life of a medical doctor. She made up her mind not to be a full-time doctor. 

“I will take up a very flexible locum job so as not to loose touch with medicine but I will pursue this modelling career”.  she said to her roommate one day, after a very busy day at the hospital.
“How will you join, when will you have the big break that will launch you to the world?” her friend asked.
“You, don’t worry about that, a man can achieve anything he sets his mind to do” Chioma said to her friend with some spark in her eyes.
During her youth service year, she was posted to a small community clinic with very little work load. She used the free time on her hands to carry out research, enrol in an online modelling school and by the end of service she was ready for the world. 
Very quickly the universe aligned with her dream, she got a huge gig through modelling school to work  for a client that was trying to create commercials for medical equipments. Her medical background was the competitive edge for her. It was a major job and afterwards she started getting more clients. She had the flexibility that she really craved for.
Bottomline is, to really make it in life, you have to make use of what you have – OPPORTUNITIES, TALENTS, SKILLS, ASSETS. 
To make it last, it has to be done legitimately, that is only when it can be sustainable.
Cheers! Till I come your way again.