There is a popular saying among people that ‘He that strives to please others will end up not pleasing himself at all’. And a lot of people have grown to have the belief that they should not do anything to please others neither should they be conscious of people’s notion of them. As much as I believe that this is very true, it should however be noted that either you accept it or not, people are watching you. To make it worse, it’s an internet age and people can keep up with almost about anything  and everything you do-  the places you go, the work you do, the people you relate with and what have you. Recently I posted a thank-you note on my facebook timeline thanking a lot of people, some of them I know very personally and I cannot forget anytime soon. Some others, I do not know very personally but due to my observation of their lives and their activities, I derive much inspiration from them. I expected that some would be wondering how come I mentioned their names despite not meeting them in years but the truth remains that I have been observing their progress and achievement and I get a kick in the ass to do more.  
 No matter what level we are, we will always have people to look up to and many more that look up to us; that watch our every move and would be disappointed when we do less than they expect. So, as you move on this year, REMEMBER that people are literally WATCHING you, not necessarily for your downfall but for your progress. They get a lot of inspiration from you and wish you success because your success TRIGGERS them to do more as well. The downfall of a man is not the end of the man; therefore if you feel you have performed below your expectations  in the past year, there is always room for a new start. The past cannot be erased but rectified by the present. I wish you a WATCHFUL YEAR.