Happy new year once again. So my week has been hyper hectic. I got home less than two hours ago and decided to prepare a sumptous meal. After dinner (for which I was grateful for), this thought came to my mind.

When we were much younger and every child was at home. At meal times when Dad was to bless the food, he would give thanks, sanctify the food and then always add ” provide for those that do not have”.

Trust me, as a child, I couldnt comprehend what that  meant. But as I grew older, I realised that its 100% possible not to have food to eat, I realised there are millions at each moment that cant boast of the next meal.

Again, while in primary school, during lunch time, we all said this prayer;
Some have food but cannot eat, Some can eat but have no food, We have food and we can eat, Glory be to God.

Trust me, I did not understand still. But as an adult and with my experience in the hospital, I realised that some have food but cannot eat. Some have to have their food even blended and passed to them. Some are prohibited from eating some types of food. Some have GIT issues and cant tolerate any food at all.

Then I started to appreciate all those prayers more.

Trust me, If you have food and can eat it. You are far better than millions of people out there. So just be grateful for it either its sweet or not; Or even if  it is not what you truly wish to eat.

A new week springs up shortly, take time to appreciate those little things you never considered. CHEERS!