Hi everyone, I know right! It has been a month since I posted anything…Lets just say I kinda got occupied with a number of things and my contributors also went unavailable due to hustling for their daily bread…I hope I can wring at least one article from each of them before the year ends. Hopefully!

I discovered lately that so many people are very poor listeners. From interrupted phone conversations where both parties are talking and not waiting for the other party to finish talking, to you saying something to someone and they later say you did not say such or even they giving a different interpretation to what you said due to poorly listening to you.

So, I decided to do a little research and I discovered it does not take so much to be a good listener;
First, you need to learn how to keep quiet when the other party is talking, Second, concentrate on the person/conversation, participate in the conversations sometimes with only non-verbal responses rather than interrupting the other person, process it well before responding if need be.

There it is! You can be a better listener.

Also I found out that people gradually gravitate towards very good listeners because they seem to care and resonate with people well.

So, if you are out to be a better peoples’ person…maybe you should try to be a better listener.