Hi everyone, I trust that our day has been going on well!

Today’s post is a reflective post by your girl.I noticed that anytime I post a picture  on my Whatsapp status or any social media page, I receive a variety of responses. The same picture gets responses like;
A- Ah, you are now fat
B- Wow, you have grown big
C- You are chubby ooo
D- You are looking very beautiful now
E- I know that place where you snapped
F- Your cloth is really lovely
G- Do not put personal pictures on social media
H- You have become so outspoken and social
and so on.

Putting up a message also gets a variety of responses. Sometimes, I put up a random funny post or message and boom, someone thinks I am directly sending a signal to them or a certain person and it leaves me wondering.

I eventually concluded that we actually see only what we want to see, some see through rose-coloured lens, while others see through crystal clear lens. This also explains why we all approach the same issues and situations differently. If  I put up a painting and ask a thousand persons to say one word about it, I will most likely get a thousand words as well.

My summary is that we need to take a deep breathe and look at things from the proper and realistic perspective. This message speaks to me more than anyone else as well, we need to look at issues well before making decisions and conclusions. That said, let me ask you….”what do you see?”