I was on a bus with a group of young people like myself. We were coming from a Christian program and almost all the ladies were reading a book on relationship or marriage (including myself because I believe no knowledge is lost).
A guy amongst us was clearly intimidated and questioned it. He said despite all the reading, it doesn’t not ensure a good choice or a good home. He was of the opinion that what ever will be will be and so there is no need to waste time and money. He even said a lot of the authors donot have the best homes and yet they publish books to help others.

Of course, this brought up counter reactions and people argued on the top of their voices. I enjoyed the argument, picked up my pen and paper to write and tried to chip in my opinions as well.

Well, as usual with arguments;no conclusion was totally agreed upon by both sexes but we sure had some additional knowledge.

So do you think its a WASTE OF TIME reading books on RELATIONSHIPS especially since the authors may not even have perfect homes???