Hi there,I have an issue to discus.

Some workers leave an organization sometimes because of misconducts, fraud, sexual harassment and so on. But the company’s walked can be sometimes linient enough to tell the person to tender a resignation letter rather than give a letter of termination of appointment so as not to hinder the person from getting other appointments in the furture.

Later on, the person may  need a reference letter compulsorily from the former employer, is it right for the person to just avoid the misconduct and potray the former employee as a totally good individual? Or should the employer be truthful enough to say all the misconducts?

I heard of a principal whose staff moved abroad and the new employer secretly traced the address of the former employer and requested to know what kind of person he was. Well, the principal who was a strict Christian told them all the good and bad sides of the person (no holds barred). What happened  afterwards, I don’t know!

But what do you think? Kindly drop your thoughts.