Good day to you, my dear blog readers. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. 

So today, let talk about our health. 
Due to the current situation of the world, I am sure everyone is more health conscious than they were last year; we all want to breathe and ensure to be alive. 
However,  we will be talking about something different today. 
Omotunde, a 40 year old man lived life on the fast lane. He graduated from the university quite early and soon secured a good job. He went ahead to acquire professional certifications relevant to his field and effortlessly switched jobs After about five years in the corporate world, he started his consulting firm and life seems to be just fine.
Concurrently, at the age of 32, he got married to Stella, whom he met while working in one of his previous organisations.  Soon enough he had two children  and everything seem to be going well enough. Stella continued to work while Tunde managed the business.  
A certain day, he went for a business meeting and excused himself to use the gents. After about twenty minutes without return, his clients went to the restroom to check if he was alright and all they could see was his hand under the door of one of the cubicles. They quickly called for help and rushed him to the hospital. 
It took the doctors some hours to stabilise him, they requested for several tests and discovered that he was both high blood pressure and high blood sugar. He also had several complications resulting from that combination, including slipping into a coma. The doctors predicted he might  spend several weeks at the hospital before could recover. 
After about five days, Tunde became conscious and when he was briefed about everything that had happened and what his fate was; he was full of deep remorse. 
The truth is, he had seen all the tell-tale signs of an impending health problem but he had always evaded going to the hospital. In his words “What you don’t know would not kill you” 
Basically let just say he was in serious denial. What he failed to realise is that “what you don’t know can kill you quite faster that what you know especially when it is something highly preventable” 
So, dear blog reader do not live in illusion. Your health is your most treasured wealth and it will be necessary to take it more importantly than any other wealth. Most illnesses are curable or manageable when detected early. 
That said remember to stay safe, wash hands regularly and be health conscious. CHEERS!