Hi there, It is a brand new month and the last month of the year -2018. I am full of so much gratitude because this year marked the beginning of a life changing event for me. I am sure there will be at least one thing you are grateful for? Right?


Here is a quick one, who do you tell your dreams to?

The ones who are very critical and wary of any good thing?

The ones who will tell you that it is not possible?

The ones who would not discourage you but will not encourage you either?

The ones who are quick to give you suggestions but would not support you when you start?

The ones who would hijack the dream and run faster than you?

The ones who may not give you a heads-up but will only support you when they discover you are succeeding?

The ones who will be with you from the start to the finish albeit only emotionally?

The ones who will support you in every way possible and will also be the evaluation officer to cross-check if you are doing well?

I do not know what your dreams were this year and how much you have achieved. But as the year ends, It would be a good thing to evaluate who you tell your dreams and see if you have been telling the wrong set of people or the right set of people. I do wish you all the best in the remaining days of the year. CHEERS!

P. S: I wont be offended if you start sending my Christmas hampers this early please. Laughs!