“Read to expand or to escape, either way, it pays off.” A quote I got from a source I cannot remember but it lingered on my mind for a while. I remember hearing over and over that;“to hide something from the black man, put it in print.” As much as I feel that was too general I have found that quite true but as usual, there are exceptions. I am a reader and I have developed that reading culture from childhood. Almost about anything in print used to catch my attention and I recall my mother one day telling me that if I wanted to go to the art class I should just tell her and not allow her waste her money on me in science class. I felt a sense of guilt but I still loved both. Well If I should choose all over again, I think I world still choose both science and art. They say dreams don’t die so despite finding myself in the science world, I still see the artistic part of me still in display.
There are one million and one reasons you need to read but one of the most important reasons you need is that reading expands your knowledge. Have you ever met with someone that holds you in a conversation and you keep talking for hours; they seem to know about just anything, they are smart, intelligent and very knowledgeable? It is because they read. That is not to say they go about carrying a book even to the bathroom. But technology has  made it even easier that at a swipe and click on your phone, you can get in on almost anything you need. Information seem to move faster than light’s speed, e-books can be downloaded for free or bought at ridiculously cheap prices online, so you really don’t have an excuse to be ignorant. The time we spend socializing and building some unnecessary friendships can be used to gain as much knowledge as possible.
And to the student who stumbles on this article, reading for knowledge’s sake pays better than cramming your lecturer’s note and pouring back to him at the examination hall. It is not the grade  that appears on your certificate that really matters but what you have stocked in your head as you leave the Ivory Tower. So either to expand or to escape me thinks reading does a lot of good. REMEMBER THAT NO KNOWLEDGE IS LOST.