Hiiiii there, its been quite a while…. #I know. #I know #coversface. Many thanks to my regular readers who have had to ask me the reason for my hiatus. And a very heart-felt appreciation to one of my biggest fans and critic- Anu Odedere who asked me the reason for my break and when I told her, I have been  having writers’ block, she thought it well to help a friend and thus sent me this post. Hugs and kisses, dear Anu.
Enjoy this piece and pick up a lesson from it and be nice enough to share and drop your take.
I kept wondering why Vivian always returned late, she seems to spend eternity in the rest room. What is that package she is always carrying in her hand? Is there an angel of blessing in the restroom? Or is this lady diabolical; no wonder the supervisor likes her so much?

 Ooooh! All this thoughts running through my mind.

This Tuesday at work I could no longer hold my curiosity, whatsoever Vivian was doing to gain the favour of our Supervisor; I was going to find out today. As usual, immediately it was 11:45am, Vivian stood up from her desk and headed straight to the ladies with this strange package which she usually takes along.

Five minutes later, I pulled out my seat; I was going to the rest room too. Lola looked at me with suspicion in her eyes and asked, “Where are you going?”

To the rest room I replied defensively.

Be careful, she whispered.

Lola knew the secret agenda behind my sudden reason for going to the restroom.
“Thanks dear, I will” I replied.

As I approached the restroom, my knees began to knock against each other, my heart was beating fast, what if she is indeed communing with some spirits and I get stricken for poke-nosing; ehnn! My own don do me be that, I thought. Or maybe she is sick and needs to take her drugs or … stop it I told myself.

By now the hero in me rose, whatever it is; I am going to find out today, and at least no one is restricted from using the restroom during mid-day.

As I held the knob of the door, I could hear Vivian’s voice but her words were inaudible. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

This cannot be true! I exclaimed. No! No! No! It cannot be true.

”It is true, it is” Vivian kept repeating those words as she held my cloth tightly. Please don’t tell anyone she kept pleading.

“Are you a Christian Vivian?” I asked in surprise

“Yes I am”, she replied

“But that can’t be possible,  no one in this organization knows you as one and four days ago you led the discussion on how there are no Christians and went ahead to abuse all so-called ministers of God.”

“I am a Christian she insisted but if I identify with them I am going to loose a lot of things; like my boyfriend, the car he gave me, the apartment he paid for, the hope of getting married to him, promotions at work and all the benefits that comes with being a –girl. If I tell my friends, everyone will start making jest of me and that is why I usually come to the rest room to pray and go through my devotionals where no one will know, but today I forgot to lock the door.”

“Why don’t you do that at home? “ I asked; still looking shocked

“I usually pass the night in my boyfriend’s house and he must not know.” She replied with guilt-laden eyes.

“Vivian, I quite understand your situation, you desire to serve God and man at the same time but you can’t. Being a Christian is not just about praying and reading the Bible or even sneaking to church and joining service groups, it is also about living the Christ-type of life, sharing the love of Christ with others and more importantly others testifying that you are a Christian.”

Don’t try to impress the world, strife to please God.

But why shall I shy, I shy not. #proudlyChrist’s #Rom 1vs 16.