Yaay!!! it’s the end of the year 2015, God has been so good to me and I cannot be over grateful. Through all the challenges and hurdles, sad moments and happy moments, God has been faithful.

Many waters has passed under the bridge but we remain steadfast, All thanks be to God.

Many thanks to those who made me smile and laugh, life would have been sore without you.

Many thanks to those who accepted me-flaws and all. I can’t appreciate you enough.

Many thanks to colleagues, coworkers, friends,neighbours, admirers and well wishers. God bless you real good.

Many thanks to friends and family members for prayers and support. You all are too much.

Many thanks to my blog readers and critics. Your feedback has been encouraging.

Many thanks to those who believe in me. You provide the right propelling force.

To those who I have one way or the other offended, I am deeply sorry.

So, this year I have learned to forgive even when its difficult to do;
to support even when I need a support myself;
to be more patient and understanding  with people and give them a benefit of doubt and to trust until given a reason not to do that again.

I promised I would be better, I sure am-trust me but I ain’t there yet. There is room for improvement.

Let’s be grateful for the new year 2016 and strive to be better. That said, I wish you a prospering ease-filled 2016. CHEERS.