I deal in forwarding and backwarding  as someone put it; but simply, I deal in exchange of goods and services for money. I meet a lot of people with varying responses to daily issues. A group of people I find their diversified response amusing and sometimes intriguing are women. Almost all the women I have met fall into one of these categories especially in their response to paying bills.

The first category are those that do not mind whose money it is- theirs or their husbands’. All they do is pay bills and act responsibly. They may be working women who always have some cash with them or those who are not working but are married to responsible men who always make sure their wives have money for family upkeep (note the ‘responsible’ there and not ‘rich’). I admire this group a lot because I believe adults are supposed to be responsible people.

The second group are those that when you say “madam, your bill is two thousand naira” they respond thus “ah let me tell my oga first” Of course you will think they are referring to their boss but, no! It is their husband. They are probably full house wives whose husbands want a full account of how every dime he earns is spent; so they have to report to their ‘oga’. I find their situation pathetic and I silently wish these women can just step out of their comfort zone and lay their hands on something – no matter how small. Nothing is sweeter than spending the money you work for. 

Another group that I find amusing are those that when you tell them “madam, your bill is two thousand and five hundred naira” they will pick up their phones. You will think they want to call their personal assistant to go over to the ATM but no, the next thing you will hear is “hello honey, I have come to buy the things you asked me to buy oh, it is two thousand five hundred”. The other person on the line converses with them and then you will hear “should I use my money to pay? Will you give me back or you will come, buy it yourself?” The husband agrees and she picks up the items, pays her money and leaves. I find myself smiling as they leave. Sometimes they notice and respond “if I don’t do it like that I would not get my money back oh” I nod my head knowingly…I can only imagine.

Another group of women would not even hesitate to pay. And just as you find yourself happy you will hear an aggressive “please give me the receipt oh, I need to retrieve my money back” I respond with a smile “don’t worry I am going to give you”. These women are amusing to me. Sometimes I wonder whether the receipt is more important than the item they are buying.

Last of all is the category of women that once they are told how much they are to pay; they either turn back saying they were not given such an amount or they ask for something cheaper irrespective of the quality.

Sometimes, I ruminate on my daily experiences and I just find myself either laughing or thinking.  On the average, I discover that money is highly important for daily upkeep and I now understand why some single ladies behave in some manners when they find rich guys.

So to the bachelor out there whose sweetheart is claiming only ‘love’, let me tell you that she also wants ‘designer’ and/or ‘ferrari’ or ‘an alternative’ consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.

So put all your hands on deck and work because no one feeds on ‘love’.

What do you think?