Each time I watch the news on the television set or read the newspapers and I am informed about another rape case; a kind of fear grips me and that is well understood seeing I am a young woman. I really do not understand why there is so much violence against women and these days it is no longer women only but the children and elderly are affected. And what I do not understand the most is why such men would decide to be so inhumane when there are so many other women who would willingly give themselves to these men at little or no cost at all. The men might have their reasons ranging from indecent dressing, night walking by women to traditional reasons but then there is no sensible reason for violence against females.
Studies have it that majority of the cases of sexual assault and indecent treatment of females are not reported due to the stigma attached or due to the people involved which could be known persons to the victims. But then how many of the cases reported is properly handled most especially due to the painfully slow judicial process and the many people involved. I don’t know whether it is just media hype or the rate at which these cases are reported is actually a representative of how terrible the situation is, but then a look into history has shown that violence against women has been from the early years, thousands of females have been used, abused, raped, beaten, forcefully circumcised, Mal-treated and even killed.
I once found myself in a situation; I was a student then and was leaving the library at around 9pm for another part of the campus. I decided to take a shorter but more deserted route (risky you would say), I had a second thought about passing through that route but then I thought life itself was a risk and so braced up and took that route. Well, I met a young man who was walking in the opposite direction and at the other side of the road; he called out to me and started asking for my name and where I was heading towards. I felt reluctant to tell him and was wondering why he was asking me since we did not know each other moreover the night was a dark one except for the street light around the place. On noticing my hesitation he said he loved me and was beckoning on me to move closer. Mind you, I cannot even recognize this person and I am sure he also cannot and yet he was claiming to love an unknown person. With that I knew I was in a dangerous place and I started walking away in haste and further away, I started to run. When I finally got to where I was going I said to myself “life is a risk but there are some risks not worth taking”, I know if there was no light around the place it might have been a more terrifying story and whenever I remember the situation I continue to wonder.
In my own country, it has just been finally concluded that 25years imprisonment is the punishment for rape and so many other punishments for various forms of abuse against women and females generally. This has been long overdue and I hope that the law will truly and efficiently take its course. And since the world has just celebrated women’ day I think I am now getting interested in women’ rights (not women overthrowing power or pursuing position) but females having a right to speak, to be educated, to lead, to walk freely, to be fairly treated, to be heard and to be respected.