Our guest writer brings another interesting work experience that you would definitely relate with. We are loving it.


Work has been hectic for the past few weeks; we had been working on a travel brand which was to launch in a couple of weeks. It is always  fun yet exhilarating working with a new brand. The thrill and rush of new creative ideas were engulfing. Despite all the stress, we were within our deadline so we had our usual weekend off.

I was busy soaking in the weekend, lounging and reading a book and then a quick glance at my phone “Everyone should report to work, the client wants to launch the brand on Monday”

I stared at my phone.

“Why did I decide to check my messages?” I berated myself bitterly

I called a colleague about the message, just to make sure I wasn’t the only one who had seen it.

“I am almost at the office.” She said.


I jumped out of the couch and proceeded to get dressed.

I chose the nearest available blouse and a pair of baggy jeans, brushed my hair briefly and wore my favourite perfume.

“Drip is eternal” I said to myself, carried my bag and headed for work.

To be factual, it was probably the most hectic weekend I have ever had.

For many hours straight, I was hunched over my laptop churning out content about hotels, vacation destinations and other tourist attractions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a content writer, but I also love a good rest. We were in the office till late at night. We resumed on Sunday again, I had to skip Church (which I did not like) and worked till late at night.

One good thing about my team – we worked tirelessly but were as efficient as possible.

Monday; the brand launched, the customer was satisfied and our team lead was elated.

One would think we would be told to take a much-needed rest on Tuesday but no, we clocked-in at our usual time and by closing hour, we were the definition of exhausted.

A Lagos worker does not have so much time to rest after each day and because we had lots of demands at work, I had been closing later than usual for more days than before.

A few weeks later, we were working on a campaign for a popular brand. It was fun and the ideas we threw around all seemed great. We were working late hours again and fatigue was etched on everyone’s face. Work was becoming exhausting and there was no more joy going to work.


One morning, I woke up at 5 a.m. like I always do. My body felt so heavy, as if I had not just spent the last 5 hours sleeping. The thought of going to take a shower and getting ready for work was the least appealing thing that morning. I was so tired. I grabbed my blanket and pulled it over my head. I slept for another three hours. At 8 a.m., when I should be at work, I began to get ready. I felt a bit more rested.

I didn’t rush to work. I took my time.

At that point, I told myself “Whatever will be, will be”

I walked in at about 10 am. My team leader looked at me with concern. “What happened? You usually arrive really early.”

I sighed. “I woke up this morning and decided that I cannot continue at this pace. I was tired and so, I went back to sleep.” My colleagues cracked up. I did not blink an eye.

It was the truth. I had taken a few needful hours to myself because it was important. When she saw the resigned look on my face, she nodded in understanding. I took some time to sleep and no one was going to make me feel guilty about it; work moved on without me and no one died.

After that day, I decided to be deliberate about taking rest. Those extra few hours were all I needed to get back to normal settings and if I did not take it, I might find myself in the hospital. I actually found out that work continued without me anyways.


Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Let us know what you did in the comments section.

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