Today, my car refused to start. I walked briskly to the bus stop with my bag clutched close to me. With the ubiquity of commercial buses, there wasn’t anyone in sight this morning. “This does not look like a good start” I said aloud.

I joined the people waiting. Apparently there had been an accident some distance back which was obstructing the flow of traffic. Could this day get any worse? I wasn’t going to grouse about it.

Suddenly, a hood was pulled over my head and a hand clamped on my mouth. My scream was muffled beneath meaty palms. Another pair of hands lifted me off my feet and into a vehicle. I squirmed as we drove off. “Let me go! Let me go!”


“Why didn’t you put her to sleep?” the driver asked

“I have done that. Twice. I don’t know how she is still awake.”

The hood was suddenly pulled off my head and I met confused stares.

“Let me go, now. Or else.” I warned

“Shut up!”

My hands were tied in front of me. I gently rubbed my palms together. My captors gasped as a bright glow beamed from my palm.

The driver shrieked and pulled the car to a halt. “Untie her! Get out!”

“No.” I countered as my hands came free.  “Keep driving. You are taking me to my office. Head towards the bridge overlooking the inlet and turn right.”

They drove.


I didn’t get to the office on time.

“You’re late.”  My boss was not looking pleased as I entered the room and took a seat.

“I’m sorry. My car broke down and I couldn’t get a bus. I was kidnapped.”

He looked askance at me and a couple of my colleagues snickered. I wasn’t one to fib so I could understand his confusion.

“Really? How did you escape?”

I looked him straight in the face.” I have special powers.”

Laughter broke out. “It’s a shame you are important to this project. I would have fired you right now for what you just said.”

Oh well. I shrugged.

Written by Prasie Ajewole @praisewrites

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