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Today, we would be talking about fitness. 
Just before you say “I am slim and thus I am fit”  NEWSFLASH, you are not automatically fit!
If you climb a few steps and you need to pause to catch your breathe, Aunty, You are not fit!
Or if you hear a danger alarm and you cannot successfully run 100 meters in a few minutes, Uncle, You are not fit!
And if you do an annual medical check (when last did you do one?) and your BMI (Body Mass Index) says overweight  or obese, you know you are not fit. 
Let me not talk about those who are quite slim but yet have high level of “bad Cholesterol” in their blood. 
So basically, the measurement of fitness is not in your body stature or build alone, there are a number of things that determine it and you need to take that conscious effort to be fit.
Back to the full gist, 
My line manager is a sucker for team bonding and she always uses any opportunity whatsoever to create team bonding events. So she had been talking about us having work-out sessions as a team. 
Take note, some of us have been on a fitness journey for a while and would ordinarily take out time monthly to do various forms of aerobic exercises but some people never really had the drive. 
The talk dragged on for a while until she finally said we should have one last Saturday. She appointed one of us a trainer and we motivated one another to be present.
Trust me, I decked my running shoes and drove all the way to work to join my colleagues. 
It was fun! People were showing off their skills and those who were not fit were apparently exposed. No one needed to tell them, they were not fit.
I got there a few minutes past agreed time.  Our trainer colleague was nowhere to be found. After a few others came, we motivated each other and started.  
Initially, it was awkward but before long, we were enjoying ourselves, trying all forms of work-out that I have never even tried (I only run/fast walk most times). 
Tightened joints loosened literally and our bodies could not thank us enough. 
Pic from ‘anonymous’
I think I need to start this yoga as well right?
After a one hour session where some people even showed off their yoga and splitting skills. Our trainer showed up with grouchy eyes and another session began! 
I learned some new work-out skills and had fun bonding with the team. 
Some colleagues did not come but I could tell they wished they had come when they saw our video
Bottom line: it is not only ‘fat’ people that need to work out: even you that is slim needs to exercise some ‘unused’ muscles.
Till the next time, when I have another gist for you. Take a look online and see what exercises best suits you.
Special shout out to all my colleagues and my manager for permitting me to share this video. It means a lot to me! Much love!